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Husqvarna 2018 Casual Clothing Now Available

Husqvarna Motorcycles are delighted to announce the release of their 2018 casual clothing collection – a complete line-up of premium quality clothing for all dedicated Husqvarna Motorcycles´ fans.

Offering casual wear and lifestyle accessories for men, women and kids, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ clothing and accessories collection offers premium quality and pioneering spirit in all their products. Styled to honour the brand’s Swedish roots, the complete line-up adopts clean and stylish design. Featuring well-placed Husqvarna Motorcycles branding, each item is created to offer optimum functionality, durability and comfort for the modern-day Husqvarna enthusiasts.

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Made for the Hard Ride: AVENTURO EnduroX

After the AVENTURO Carbon adventure rider helmet and the AVENTURO Mod adventure flip-up helmet, the super-sporty AVENTURO EnduroX is the perfect addition to round off Touratech’s premium helmet portfolio.

Motocross or Enduro riders and committed adventure bikers have one thing in common – things get hot when they get down to business on their motorcycles. Very hot, in fact, so it is important for them to keep a cool head. That is the only way for the rider to maintain a high level of concentration in difficult situations, respond instantly to the terrain and survive a hard day astride their machines.

The solution is a helmet that is systematically designed to cope with a huge level of physical exertion. A perfect example is the AVENTURO EnduroX, an uncompromising motocross helmet that combines several motorsport technologies in its design.

This includes its innovative inner fittings. Extremely fine carbon fiber threads woven into the lining of the helmet provide a unique level of moisture dissipation. The evaporative effect this creates generates a pleasant cool feeling and is helped by an extremely effective ventilation system. Slightly off-center openings divert air into generously dimensioned ducts and through the crown of the helmet. Large mesh inserts in the helmet lining provide maximum permeability and ensure the air really does get through to the scalp.

The shell of the AVENTURO EnduroX is manufactured in two sizes so that even small helmet sizes boast a firm, sporty fit.

The unique shape not only underlines the sporting credentials of the AVENTURO EnduroX, it also helps on a functional level by ensuring the goggle strap stays securely in place. Riders whose top priority is low weight will love the AVENTURO EnduroX.

The robust helmet shell is manufactured with the highest proportion of carbon that is technically possible.

Alongside its sporty foundations, the AVENTURO EnduroX also offers a whole range of clever details that improve safety – like the cheek pads that can be easily removed in an emergency – or provide additional long-distance comfort – such as the integrated fittings for hydration systems.


Special features:

  • Extra large field of vision through “Ultra Wide“ face opening – suitable for all types of dirtbike goggles
  • Infinitely adjustable shield, pulled very far forward, including a three-stage protection spoiler on the front
  • Maximum ventilation thanks to “Racing Air Flow“ system
  • Prepared for hydration system
  • “Carbon fitting“ interior padding: 100% natural, bacteriostatic and anti-static carbon fibres, without pre-treatment (removable and washable)
  • Increased safety through “Nolan Emergency Release System“ (NERS)
  • Proven “Eyewear Adaptive“ system for those wearing glasses (reversible)
  • Cheek pad lining and cover can be separated for better cleaning
  • Two helmet shell sizes for minimum weight: XS-M / L-XXL
  • Available in five colour variations: ompañero (yellow), Namib (orange), Passion (red), Stone (grey), Pacific (bue).
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Heads Up

The innovative device fits simply and easily to a full-face helmet and displays customisable information in the natural line of sight of the rider – allowing riders to keep their eyes ahead.

Seamlessly bringing together the functions of a motorcyclist’s navigation, communication, media player and HD action camera into a single device, the NUVIZ includes a glove-friendly wireless handlebar controller that offers intuitive control of the various functions.

Features include:

  • Head-Up Display – the patented NUVIZ HUD creates an image in the rider’s line of sight, giving them access to customisable information including driving conditions and maps. The Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) micro display offers crisp and vibrant full colour in all lighting conditions.
  • Navigation – an included GPS function and global offline maps allow riders to select routes and destinations and receive turn-by-turn instructions, view zoomable maps and more. All maps are included for free – so no need to buy additional maps depending on where you plan to ride.
  • HD action camera – the built-in camera captures photos up to 8MP and HD videos up to 1080p/30fps. Photos are saved to the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth and videos recorded directly onto a microSD card – not included. Housed on a ball joint, the angle of the camera can be adjusted easily and the HUD allows for a ‘live view’ to align the camera after being attached to the helmet mount. The device includes an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness.
  • Communication – the integrated headset and microphone allow riders to make and receive phone calls and provide narration on videos. Compatible with most major brand Bluetooth enabled headsets, NUVIZ users can pair and communicate with others too.
  • Music – the integrated headset means that NUVIZ riders can listen to music on the go.

The wireless controller can be mounted in a variety of ways depending on the user’s preference or type of motorcycle and the base-plate system means it can be easily transferred between motorcycles.

A protective carry bag keeps key components together when removed from the motorcycle and helmet.

The NUVIZ pairs with a dedicated smartphone app – available both for Android and iOS devices – which allows riders to play routes and save favourite riders, access photos captured on the device and view riding statistics captured by the NUVIZ sensors. Users can also share the information directly to social media. The App allows for easy – and free – updates and integration of the new NUVIZ features as soon as they are added.

Compatible with most existing traditional full-face helmets, the NUVIZ device attaches to a low-profile base-plate – designed to allow the device to detach in the case of an accident of fall – which adjusts to the user’s right eye that still allows for small tweaks after installation to ensure the ultimate view.

The HUD combiner optic is fully replaceable and additional accessory mounting kits allow for one NUVIZ device to transfer to different helmets and controllers to different motorcycles.

NUVIZ, the first integrated HUD technology available to the riding public, is currently available in the US and Europe via – with sales in other regions to be announced later this year.

As the future of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2V & V2I) communications is developed by governments and the global automotive and powersports industry, NUVIZ expects continuing development and future integration opportunities that will benefit all riders. Future connectivity into the motorcycle electronics and advanced safety sensors that will soon become standard also represents a key area of NUVIZ R&D efforts.

Available from for €699/£615
Free shipping, 30-day returns policy and one-year warranty as standard

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Accessories available for Scout Bobber


Slip on one or two of these saddlebags on so that you can carry gear with you on your Bobber. Inside the bag is a weather-resistant liner and the lid has embossed Indian branding.

Part number #2882518-01

Solo Rack

The strong and sturdy Solo Rack bolts on easily and is a dependable place to secure extra gear. It mounts securely to the fender under the strut covers for a clean and integrated look. The rack’s styling matches the look of the Indian Scout Bobber, so it blends in with the bike instead of looking like an add-on.

Part number #2882516-266

Solo Rack Bag

This rack bag is made especially for Scout Bobber and is quick-release so you can take it on and off the rack (sold separately) fast and easily.

Part number # 2882854-LNA

Passenger Seat

Allow a pillion to ride on Scout Bobber with this passenger seat that has the same two-tone design that’s used on the rider’s saddle. It is available with and without the butt stop.

Part number # 2882853-LNA

Tank Pouch

This pouch mounts directly on to the tank using strong magnets and lets you easily view your cell phone through the clear window.

Part number #2880619-01

16″ Ape handlebar kit

Turn heads and add custom style with a 16″ Ape Hanger Handlebar which is made to perfectly install in place of the stock handlebar.

Part number #2882920-266

Laced wheels

Swap out the Scout Bobber’s wheel with this wire spoked one. A matching Black Laced Rear Wheel (2880899-266) is available too.

Part number #2880896-266

1920 solo saddle

An innovative, modern version of the classic original Scout seats of yesteryear. This seat is mounted on a strong forged aluminium base that provides the rider with a firm, stable and comfortable perch. The seat is topped with comfortable foam and covered by all weather vinyl.

Part number # 2880905-01