Royal Enfield launches the limited edition ‘Classic 500 Pegasus’

The ‘Pegasus’ is inspired by the legendary RE/WD Flying Flea 125 motorcycle that was manufactured at Royal Enfield’s underground facility in Westwood, UK during World War Two.

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Set up at the Imperial War Museum, bring in a classic Dakota and the Red Devils Parachute Display Team, that’s how you launch a motorcycle!

The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield, launched the Classic 500 ‘Pegasus’ limited edition motorcycle. Conceived as a tribute to the Flying Flea and Royal Enfield’s military heritage, the Classic 500 Pegasus offers a chance to own a piece of motorcycle history with only 1,000 units available globally, of which 190 will be available in UK. The motorcycle will be available to be booked online from July and will be priced at GBP 4,999 (on the road).

Royal Enfield has a proud and enduring history of military manufacturing, as the motto ‘Made Like a Gun Since 1901’ suggests. Royal Enfield produced munitions, artillery equipment and motorcycles during both World Wars and supplies the Indian Armed Forces with motorcycles to the present day. Royal Enfield was called upon during World War One to supply motorcycles to the British Armed Forces and also for the Imperial Russian Government, and continues to make simple, authentic, classic motorcycles today. But by far its most storied wartime creation was the airborne troops’ ‘Flying Flea’, a compact and capable, two-stroke 125cc motorcycle that saw action in some of greatest battles of World War Two, including D-Day and Arnhem.

Conceived as a tribute to the Flying Flea and Royal Enfield’s military heritage, the Classic 500 Pegasus is a chance to own a piece of motorcycle history. Just 1,000 units will be made available: 190 on sale in UK and 810 for the rest of the world.

It’s a Classic 500 at heart and on a short demo ride with Russ Malkin (of Long Way Down, Long Way Round fame) it’s fair to say that we had an absolute blast on the backroads of Duxford.

We’ll bring you more on this latest bike from Royal Enfield and the history of the Flying Flea in our next issue out 1st June.



2018 NIKEN online reservation system is now live

Yamaha confirm NIKEN pricing and availability.

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The NIKEN will be available exclusively via an online reservation system that will go live on Wednesday 16th May at 18:00 GMT. Potential customers wishing to place an order for this new leaning multi-wheel Yamaha should log on to and register their details.

Yamaha will notify all applicants within 3 working days if a unit has been allocated to them and if the registration has been accepted the customer will then receive confirmation of the supplying dealer as well as information on the next steps for the purchase and delivery of their new NIKEN.

Yamaha NIKEN: Ride the Revolution

Featuring twin leaning front wheels that deliver an unrivalled corner carving experience, the Yamaha NIKEN is the world’s first multi-wheel production motorcycle. Designed to open up new horizons for those forward-thinking riders who are looking for a whole new experience, the NIKEN is one of the most radical concepts to be seen within the world of motorcycling, and it embodies the start of a new era in machine control.

Sports bike performance with unique corner carving confidence

With the NIKEN, Yamaha introduces a whole new era in motorcycling – a riding revolution, offering a unique riding sensation that takes sport motorcycling into a new dimension.

Imagine the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence…a new feeling that could be compared to the thrilling experience when carving turns with skis. This revolutionary new kind of motorcycle feels, handles and looks like nothing else. At the same time as being different to a motorcycle, the NIKEN’s handling characteristics are also reassuringly familiar to riders.

The advanced Yamaha-exclusive technology used in the double leaning front wheel layout offers high levels of traction – making it a strong performer in corners, giving the NIKEN rider the ability to carve through winding roads with unmatched confidence. And two front wheels means there are two front tyres, so the levels of traction and braking are also like nothing else on the road!

Equipped with advanced leaning multi-wheel technology that enables a deep lean angle of up to 45 degrees – and featuring a radical body design that emphasises its unique and modern style – the NIKEN is a completely new kind of motorcycle that delivers special feelings of front-end grip, confidence and braking.

Driven by a toque-rich, 847cc, 3-cylinder crossplane engine housed in a sophisticated hybrid frame – and equipped with sophisticated electronic control technologies that enhance overall control – the Yamaha NIKEN looks, feels and rides like no other motorcycle.

Prepare for change. Ride the Revolution.

NIKEN price: The Recommended Retail Price of the NIKEN in the UK will be £13,499 including VAT. Please contact your local press officer for specific information.

NIKEN: The technology behind the revolution

  • Totally new concept in the motorcycle industry
  • Unique corner carving abilities
  • Special feelings of front end grip, confidence and braking
  • Radical design
  • Advanced leaning multi-wheel technology
  • Deep lean angle, maximum 45 degrees
  • Ackerman steering with double upside down front forks
  • Hybrid steel and cast aluminium frame with aluminium swingarm
  • Approximately 50:50 front-rear weight distribution with rider
  • 847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine
  • Special fuel injection settings and optimised crank balance
  • LED headlight and taillight
  • YZF-R1 derived mirrors with integrated LED turn signals
  • Dual 15-inch front wheels with 410 mm track; 17-inch rear wheel
  • YCC-T
  • D-MODE with 3 engine running modes
  • Cruise Control – operates above 50 km/h
  • Traction Control System with 2 modes, and off mode
  • A&S clutch for increased stability when downshifting
  • Quick Shift System for smoother upshifts
  • Compact instrument panel with LCD display
  • Aluminium 18-litre fuel tank
  • Fully adjustable rear suspension
  • Dual 298-mm front disc brakes and 282-mm rear disc brake
  • 12V DC power outlet

Genuine Accessories

Yamaha has developed a range of high quality Genuine Accessories designed specifically for riders who wish make their new NIKEN their very own. With its torque-rich engine, unrivalled cornering abilities and sophisticated electronic control technologies, the NIKEN is ready to deliver an exhilarating riding experience, and Yamaha’s range of sport-oriented accessories enable you to build a unique machine that suits your lifestyle.

The accessories range is constantly evolving, and currently includes everything from an Akrapovic system and sport seat through to a radiator protector, knuckle guards, titanium chain adjusters and more.

Availability & colour

Customers who place their online reservation at from May 16th 2018 can expect delivery of their NIKEN to their supplying Yamaha dealer from September 2018 onwards. Yamaha will confirm final delivery dates with all customers during summer 2018, and will of course keep everyone fully informed of the final delivery dates.

NIKEN will be available in the colour option: Graphite (DNMG).

NIKEN Demo Tour

If riders want to experience the NIKEN’s unique riding experience and unrivalled corner carving abilities they will be given the opportunity to take a demo ride on this revolutionary motorcycle by coming along to the NIKEN Demo Tour. From June – October 2018 Yamaha will be visiting Europe’s riding hotspots with a fleet of NIKENs, enabling everyone to Ride the Revolution.


Story of a bike: 1972 Moto Guzzi 850 Eldorado

This 1972 first-year-model Moto Guzzi Eldorado (850cc) – matching frame and engine no. 51025 – was sent to the California Highway Patrol in Glendale, CA as a test bike in 1972.

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The story goes that one Pasadena native fell in love with the bike and was able to buy it (either from Moto Guzzi direct or the importer, Micheal Berliner, although unfortunately the paper record is lost.)

The second owner was one John Fisher of Brooklyn, New York who purchased the bike in around 2009 from the widow of that “original” CHiPs Officer.

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Get into gear with the KTM 125 Duke

According to KTM, the 125 DUKE is the best 125cc machine you can buy.

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The ultra-lightweight trellis frame and subframe provide razor-sharp control, while the new predatory-looking LED light mask opens the road ahead of you. Screaming high revs light up the TFT colour display, with several other informative functions that intensify the thrilling connection with the bike.

Now, when you purchase a 125 Duke you’ll also receive a £500 voucher to spend on official KTM PowerWear and PowerParts. Promotion is only available at participating KTM Dealers so make sure you head out early to check what’s on offer.
To top off this incredible offer our unbeatable KTM Finance packages mean you can get into gear on a 125 Duke for less than you think!
CLICK HERE to take a look at some of the prices.

Yamaha’s 2018 NIKEN

Key Features of Corner Carving on the Yamaha Niken

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Yamaha have released their third NIKEN technical video today. Having explained the multiple benefits of the unique Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) concept in the previous video, this latest release focuses closely on the NIKEN’s many other key electronic aids, and how they contribute towards achieving the ultimate corner carving experience and more.

At the heart of this revolutionary motorcycle is Yamaha’s highly regarded 847cc CP3 engine that features a number of NIKEN exclusive specifications and settings. A key feature of this torque-rich crossplane concept engine is its YCC-T electronic throttle that gives a linear rider-throttle connection for precise engine controllability. In addition, YCC-T also enables the use of a range of electronic rider aids that enhance the overall sporty riding experience and give higher levels of control and confidence.

For smooth chassis behaviour when downshifting, the NIKEN features an A&S (Assist & Slipper) clutch, while a Quick Shift System (QSS) allows clutchless upshifting – and to control rear wheel spin there’s a Traction Control System (TCS) featuring two intervention modes as well as an OFF switch.

Furthermore, Yamaha’s electronic D-MODE offers three different riding modes that can be selected on the fly to suit rider preferences and different riding situations – and the Cruise Control can be engaged from 4th gear and over 50 km/h for more relaxed long distance trips and highway riding.

Equipped with compact LCD instrumentation and dual LED headlights that underline its sharp and revolutionary styling, the NIKEN’s sophisticated specification and range of electronic aids enable you to optimize the inherent advantages associated with the unique LMW system. No other motorcycle has the ability to deliver such high levels of control and confidence, together with an unrivalled corner carving experience.

As NIKEN is an exclusive new 3-wheel motorcycle – for which a high interest has been shown already – Yamaha will be opening an online ordering reservation system on 17 May 2018 at 10:00am CEST at Customers are requested to register their interest in NIKEN motorcycle via this reservation system and will be served on a first-come/first-served basis.


KTM 790 DUKE: The Scalpel is in dealers now

Known as The Scalpel, it’s the most agile and technically advanced street weapon for riders who prefer the undiluted and unique thrill of riding a naked motorcycle.

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For those who want to further sharpen their experience, a wide range of specially developed KTM PowerParts and KTM PowerWear is also available.

Developed alongside the KTM 790 DUKE from day one, the dedicated KTM PowerParts options allow customers to express themselves and intensify their motorcycle by enhancing and further personalizing their vision – whether it’s boosting performance, practicality or style.

Powered by the all-new LC8c engine, the new DUKE is KTM’s first parallel twin cylinder powerplant and its 799cc capacity punches out an impressive 105 hp and 87 Nm with relentless drive and smoothness from low rpm to the redline.

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Brutale Enjoyment

MV’s naked sports bike has the performance to match the looks

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When MV Agusta call and invite you to go to the factory in Varese, Italy to speak with the team and test ride the new Brutale 800RR, you clear your diary!

The MV Agusta brand is steeped in heritage, with origins going back to 1945, when it was spun off from Agusta Aviation, which is better known for building helicopters. MV would go on to win GP after GP, including the prestigious Isle of Man, before quitting racing in 1976.

The brand officially returned to the circuit as a manufacturer in 2014, after a long dormant period, and is now a regular on the racing scene, and popular on the street, thanks to a range of exotic sports bikes and unfaired street bikes.

The Brutale itself as far as MV’s bike genealogy goes has been around for a while, first hitting the market in 2006 with the 909cc inline-4 configuration. In 2012 the manufacturer moved to a three cylinder 675, before bumping up the CC’s and power with the release of the first 800 in 2015.

For 2018, the new Brutale 800RR comes with some nice design features adding to its perfect symmetry from front to rear and its smoothly styled tank. As with all of the MV three-cylinder range the standout on these machines would have to be the short triple exhaust pipes protruding from the right side of the bike, alongside the crisp looking single sided swingarm.

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A new era of urban motorcycling begins

While the sophisticated Vitpilen 401 & Svartpilen 401 are already available at European dealer floors, the progressive Vitpilen 701 will arrive by the end of March.

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Husqvarna Motorcycles have announced the availability of three pioneering new ‘Real Street’ models. With the VITPILEN 401 and SVARTPILEN 401 already at dealers across Europe, the VITPILEN 701 will be available by the end of March.

Attracting attention from worldwide media and motorcycle enthusiasts ever since their launch as prototypes, the availability of these three exciting new models helps Husqvarna Motorcycles take another vital step towards fulfilling their progressive vision of street motorcycling. Devoid of any excess and focused on providing a pure riding experience the VITPILEN 401 is a refreshingly simple and progressive urban street motorcycle that provides a new gateway into motorcycling culture for a wider range of riders.

Built around a similar chassis and engine philosophy to the VITPILEN 401, the SVARTPILEN 401 is a modern-day interpretation of a street explorer. Featuring a bold and rugged appearance it offers a progressive new way for potential riders to experience motorcycling.

Inspired by the same unique design approach that runs through the VITPILEN family, the VITPILEN 701 is an all-modern, large displacement single-cylinder motorcycle created to provide a raw and authentic experience to the rider. The VITPILEN 701 is expected to arrive at dealers across Europe at the end of this month.

A dedicated, extensive range of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ original Parts, Gear and Accessories to enable riders to personalise their motorcycles as well as keep up-to-date with the latest trends will also be on sale.

For further details on pricing and availability of exact models please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles subsidiary or importer.

NIKEN: Revealing the technology behind the revolution

Taking corner carving confidence to another level

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Launched to the world at the Tokyo motor show in late 2017, the all-new Yamaha NIKEN is about to open up a whole new dimension in riding control. With its revolutionary Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) platform, the NIKEN introduces a totally new concept to the world of motorcycling, and takes corner carving confidence to another level.

The new NIKEN has many rider benefits coming from the unique new technology, and the new technical video released today by Yamaha gives a full explanation of the key features used in the new LMW design.

In the latest video released by Yamaha, each aspect of the LMW Ackermann steering geometry is explained with detailed visuals that highlight how this unique new system benefits the NIKEN rider.

The video shows it all, from the LMW system’s parallelogram link design through to the offset joints and dual tube inverted forks – showing how each component contributes towards the NIKEN’s excellent cornering performance together with its unique and sporty riding experience. Viewers can also see how the unique hybrid frame combined with a long aluminium swingarm and model-specific chassis geometry work together to create one of today’s most innovative and exciting new models.


Indian Motorcycle unveils gold & black Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Scout Bobbers

Legendary partnership between the two iconic American brands represents a shared commitment to quality, originality and American craftsmanship

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Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, and Jack Daniel’s, America’s first registered distillery, has unveiled the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber.

Only 177 of these bikes will be built globally with the build number a nod to the “Old No. 7 Brand”.

For the third straight year, Indian Motorcycle joined forces with Klock Werks Kustom Cycles to create these bikes, taking inspiration from the gold and black fire trucks used by the Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade, the only distillery in the world with its own fire brigade.

Steve Menneto, Indian Motorcycle President said: “Our partnership with Jack Daniel’s celebrates American craftsmanship of the highest order. This year’s limited-edition bike draws inspiration from the incredible story of Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade, while honouring the passion and dedication of firefighters and emergency medical responders who serve our country.”

Each of the 177 individually numbered motorcycles are accented with Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade themes. The bike has subtle two-tone matte black paint, a first for Indian Motorcycle, and is covered in real 24-karat gold graphics on the tank and fenders. The 24-karat gold carries through to the Fire Brigade emblem on the tank and the “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” emblem on the front fender.

Other custom details include a perforated genuine leather seat with Jack Daniel’s embroidery and custom grips, pegs, and shift levers inspired by the Old No. 7 Brand.

Premium gloss black finishes on the fender struts, hand control levers, engine valve covers, and exhaust tips, while a gold coloured Indian Scout badge further showcases the attention to detail given in the design of this limited-edition bike.

Also unique is a one-of-a-kind Montana Silversmith badge that’s individually numbered and coated with real 24-karat gold.

“The public’s response to the motorcycles that Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s have collaborated on has vastly exceeded our expectations year-over-year,” said Greg Luehrs, Director of Events and Sponsorships for Jack Daniel’s. “In celebration of this great partnership and our own Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade, we are delighted to deliver a bike that honours firefighters and EMS first responders while also reinforcing the message that “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix.”

The Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber will be available for order starting 12pm EST on Tuesday 13th March.

To reserve one, visit or call your local Indian Motorcycle dealership.

Pricing starts at $15,999 in the U.S. and $19,999 in Canada. Prices in EMEA to be announced. Please note – not every country in the EMEA region will be able to sell this model due to alcohol advertising rules.

Each comes with a five-year unlimited mileage factory warranty and free membership in the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group™ for one year.

The limited edition Scout Bobbers will be hand-painted and built, with delivery starting in July 2018.

The original collaboration began in 2016 when the two iconic brands came together to create the Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield and Indian Chief Vintage in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery. These 2016 models sold out in less than eight hours, while the 2017 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chieftain sold out in less than 10 minutes.