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Mixed fortunes for the Mackenzies at Knockhill

We made our annual trip north of the border at the weekend to the Knockhill circuit where as with all of the UK the weather was glorious over the three days.

Being one of the few riders that didn’t test there Tarran found himself on the back foot from the first practice, however, the MCAMS Yamaha team made continual progress over the weekend.  His early practice pace meant he had his worst grid position of the season (19th) making it difficult to come make his way up the order on the tight twisty track. A hard fought 14th position in race one was good but a much stronger ride to 11th in race two gave a very satisfying end to the weekend.

Taylor’s Knockhill wasn’t so positive as he decided to part from his Moto Rapido Ducati Team. He felt both himself and the team should be achieving much stronger results so it was better to have an amicable split than for both parties to continue to under perform.  Team boss Steve Moore was saddened by his decision but also understood his reasons for leaving.


I love Knockhill but our lack of testing meant my bike was hard to ride at this very physical circuit. Being the smallest lightest rider on the grid also didn’t help, however, working hard with the team meant we turned things around by the end of the weekend. 14th and 11th doesn’t sound like great results but I left happy knowing we had transformed the bike making me competitive for race two.  I was hampered by a poor grid position but enjoyed my race dicing with Peter Hickman all the way to the flag. Every circuit is new for me on the Superbike but along with my fantastic MCAMS team I’m loving the experience. PS Hope you like my tartan fairing! 


The last thing I want to do in life is quit any project but after giving my all until Knockhill I felt things were never going to gel with myself and the Moto Rapido Ducati, so it was best for everyone if we went our separate ways.  The team were incredibly understanding even saying farewell over a few beers on Saturday evening. My life is racing so my plan now is to find the right team and bike to get me back to being properly competitive and enjoying the sport I love. I have no immediate plans but hopefully we can find a good solution very soon.

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