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Niall, Neil and the lass downstairs

An evening with Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson was guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser and could have easily been mistaken for a comedy act.

The ex-team mates and now partners in Mackenzie Hodgson Insurance were at Ducati Glasgow last night presenting their insurance venture and entraining the crowd with tales of racing glory, the hardships involved, and a hilarious discussion of one Hodgson’s adventures with a local lass when he was in-training at the Mackenzie home many, many years ago.

There’s no mistaking the Niall Mackenzie, one of Scotland’s most successful motorcycle racers and still very active around the sport. Neil Hodgson is also known for his racing exploits and the two can also be seen (or heard) commentating at events including British Superbikes, World Superbikes and MotoGP.

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Team mates of old they may be but there’s a chemistry between the two that seems to work as they talk about their past exploits in racing paddocks, their experience working together and Niall taking Neil under his wing as a young and upcoming rider.

Mackenzie Hodgson Insurance is their latest venture together. The idea was generated when dealign with insurance companies for motorcycle and hearing the horror stories that other riders had dealign with their’s. 

Niall made clear that they are in a learning process as far as the insurance market is concerned but the company has solid backing from insurance industry professionals and aim to make the experience of dealign with insurance a better one for all rider, not only at the point of application but also in the case of any claims.

Whilst the commercial focus of the event was the insurance it was a very entertaining night. Kudos to Ducati Glasgow for setting it up and pulling it and a mighty thanks to Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson for the entertainment.