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Niken – two swords

We’ve been running the press items from Yamaha since they announced the production of the Niken and its prototypes. A lot of the comments on social media would appear to have been a bit on the negative side with opinions, largely as expected, sticking firmly with the traditional two-wheels for a motorcycle, three-wheels is a trike idea.

We’d also been growing impatient wanting to get our hands on a Niken for testing so when the opportunity arose at the recent Scottish Motorcycle Festival at the Royal Highland Centre we jumped at the chance.

The Niken is without doubt one of the most striking machines to come off the Yamaha production line for some time. Yamaha have been promoting the Niken as a leaning multi-wheel (LMW) motorcycle, not a trike, and not a traditional bike. Yes it has three wheels but that’s about where any similarities with a trike end; it doesn’t feel like one, it doesn’t perform like one and you can’t ride it like one! It won’t stand up on its own, you will need a bike license and when you get to ride one you will realise why that is – in a very positive sense. Read More…