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Scottish Six Days Trial News

We’ll be entering four riders in the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) running from Monday May 6th to Saturday May 11th 2019 in Fort William. Our four riders will be Allan Adamson, Neil Dawson, Graeme Wilson and Duncan Wood. We’ll be profiling each of the riders and the team in future issues of the magazine.

Riding new bikes supplied by Scorpa the team will be taking on the toughest challenge on the Trial riding calender and will be the first of many groups that we support through the SSDT in the years to come.

The team was selected to pilot what will be an ongoing commitment to bring newer riders into the competition, riders that may otherwise have been unable to compete due to financial or other constraints.

In future years that selection process will be refined change but will focus on bringing newer riders up to this level.

So why are we doing it?

Our first visit to the SSDT came last year when we spent the week in Fort William following the event.

Anyone that has passed through the town and taken time to look at the SSDT can’t help but be impressed by the level of coordination and organisation that has gone into getting the SSDT together and maintain it as the world level success that it is.

We heard stories of riders of all ages and experience levels and couldn’t help but be in awe at this motorcycling spectacle.

We also heard from riders that were not competing, some due to financial concerns and others who seemed to need a bit of a nudge to get their names into the pot. With Motorcycle based sports facing a reduced number of young riders we felt a need to do what we could to make a difference. A look at many of the Club and some National level motorcycle series is enough to see that it is the ‘older and bolder’ crew that make up a lot of the start numbers with few new faces around the paddock.

That isn’t particularly sustainable and in order to develop less experienced and new riders they need the opportunity to compete at higher levels and see a path toward it.

This is our small part to try to move some of these riders up a level and compete alongside some of the best riders in the world as well as getting the message out there to others that might consider joining their local club.
We will be providing all the support and logistics the riders need during the SSDT so that they can focus on their riding. The two less experienced riders in the team will have experienced riders to help them get around the sections and guide them throughout the week.

Over the coming months we’ll be profiling the team letting you know more about them and their experience in addition to bringing you updates on the SSDT plans.

During the event you’ll also be getting a lot more news from us with daily media spots, video and news updates keeping you up to date with the team’s progress and the SSDT standings.

We couldn’t do this without the support of the SSDT Committee so have to give a massive thanks to them for their enthusiasm and encouragement in getting the project together.

Stayed tuned for more…