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MV Agusta’s Brutalle 1000 Serie Oro

After a bit of back and fore the final choice is the Brutale 1000 Serie Oro. MV’s Brutale was already an excellent bike and an exceptional platform to use in developing a new model.

Taking the Brutale platofrm and borrowing technology fro the brilliant F4 RC MV Agusta couldn’t really go wrong with this one and have developed the fastest naked street bike to come out of the Varese factory. That technology is needed to tame the beast resting within the stunning lines of the Serie Oro.

The 4-cylinder 998cc puts out 208hp at 13,450rpm and 115Nm of torque – when using the race kit – making it the most powerful bike in the class.
The tech package includes 8-level traction control, an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), ride by wire throttle, an up and down quickshifter, anti-wheelie, and launch control.

At the launch of the Brutale 800RR last April we said that the bike was ‘a very refreshing change in the category it competes in.’ The Series oro looks like it is goibg to be taking that a whole step further with a massive power boost and hopefully the same excellent Brutale handling. Claims from MV that the Serie Oro will handle as good as a superbike are very likely to be proven true given the heritage of the Brutale range.

Components you’d likely see on a superbike including Brembo Stylema calipers and 320mm discs, Ohlins electronically adjusted forks, an Ohlins TTX36 rear shock and a steering damper come as standard and, did you notice the wings?

Other bikes may make the new wing style a bit more obviously but MV have crafted these into the lines of the bike. Yet again MotoGP technology is making it to the street this time with MV Agusta – although they currently lack a team in the MotoGP paddock.

You’ll have to be pretty quick to get your hands on one of these though. The last time we checked the plans was to build only 300 Serie Oro bikes.


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Fenati is out!

You can’t have missed the uproar against Romano Fenati following his irresponsible down-right dangerous riding at the weekend when he grabbed Stefano Manzi’s front brake during the Moto 2 race.

That cost him a two-race ban but the teams have taken it a bit further. The Marinelli  Rivacold Snipers have fire him and although he did have a deal with MV Agusta for a ride in Moto2 in 2019 that seems dead in the water now too.

MV boss Giovanni Castiglioni tweeted: “it will not happen, he does not represent our company’s true values.’

Many were arguing that Fenati’s actions deserved a lifetime ban, and we wouldn’t disagree with that. Given his past and these latest incidents his career may well be over anyway as few if any teams are going to want to taint themselves with his reputation when there is so much other great talent (without attitude) available these days.

So its bye-bye Romano. Not before time too!

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MV Agusta’s F3 800

It’s not long since we were in Italy testing MV Agusta’s Brutale 800RR so when the chance came to have their latest F3 800 for a week back in Scotland it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Amongst some groups of bikers the MV brand isn’t too well known but has been around since 1945 and as far as their sportsbikes and racing go they have been GP winners in the past including the prestigious Isle of Man, before quitting racing in 1976.

That racing heritage is having somewhat of a revival as MV are now back at the TT and are running bikes in championships around the world with riders like the always entertaining Jordi Torres in the World Superbike Championship, and Raffaele De Rosa (4 podiums in 2018) and Ayrton Badovini in the World Supersport Championship.

Sitting between the Superbike 1000cc and Supersport 600’s MV Agusta took the very popular F3 675 platform to developed a superb machine for riders looking for a bit more power but that is no slouch when compared to 1000cc bikes with a very well delivered 148hp available at your right wrist.

First impressions of the F3 800 are of a compact and light bike. Read more…


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Brutale Enjoyment

When MV Agusta call and invite you to go to the factory in Varese, Italy to speak with the team and test ride the new Brutale 800RR, you clear your diary!

The MV Agusta brand is steeped in heritage, with origins going back to 1945, when it was spun off from Agusta Aviation, which is better known for building helicopters. MV would go on to win GP after GP, including the prestigious Isle of Man, before quitting racing in 1976.

The brand officially returned to the circuit as a manufacturer in 2014, after a long dormant period, and is now a regular on the racing scene, and popular on the street, thanks to a range of exotic sports bikes and unfaired street bikes.

The Brutale itself as far as MV’s bike genealogy goes has been around for a while, first hitting the market in 2006 with the 909cc inline-4 configuration. In 2012 the manufacturer moved to a three cylinder 675, before bumping up the CC’s and power with the release of the first 800 in 2015.

For 2018, the new Brutale 800RR comes with some nice design features adding to its perfect symmetry from front to rear and its smoothly styled tank. As with all of the MV three-cylinder range the standout on these machines would have to be the short triple exhaust pipes protruding from the right side of the bike, alongside the crisp looking single sided swingarm.

Read more…

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The New Dragster 800 RR Has Evolved

The new Dragster 800 RR redefines the technical and stylistic frontiers of a model that has dominated with style, originality and emotion. Intentionally over the top, completely breaking the mould, the Dragster 800 RR has made irreverence its hallmark. And now its exclusive characteristics are consolidated with the 2018 Model Year, completely redesigned and with numerous updates.


In style terms, the new Dragster 800 RR has evolved substantially. From the front fender, now featuring aluminium side brackets, that typical MV Agusta quality and originality is clear. The front end includes numerous technical changes, starting from the semi-handlebars, with a truly intuitive adjustable angle.

There is a support in the central area designed by the CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre) that integrates the adjustable steering damper into the upper triple clamp, introducing a brand-new technical solution.

The digital instrumentation is enhanced by a specific cover, with luxurious aluminium elements. The tank pad is also aluminium, standing out with a laser engraved MV Agusta logo.

The tail fairing is entirely new, starting from the support frame. The LED taillight helps to redefine the design of the bike. Instead of the dual element that had been used in the past, now there is a single element with a bold three-dimensional form. The insertion of a spectacular light guide further enhances the new design, enhancing the image of the Dragster 800 RR. The rear section of the redesigned seat is coloured to match the fairings. The license-plate holder is brand new and the turn indicators now have LED lights.

Another stylistic and functional solution on the new Dragster 800 RR is the concealed passenger foot pegs. The linchpin is on a bracket secured to the side plates of the frame and they can be instantly rotated from the retracted to open position. In the starting position, the extreme linearity of the tail fairing can be appreciated and in the passenger support position integration of the overall design is clear.


The three-cylinder engine is closely derived from the one developed for the Brutale 800 RR, the focus of numerous technical upgrades to make it Euro 4 compliant while at the same time achieving significant increases in reliability and performance. All of this despite the fact that Euro 4 approval requires 50% reduced emissions and 48% lower noise than Euro 3. The in-line three-cylinder engine is fastened to the frame using new anchoring points. This change has allowed an increase in the torsional rigidity to the advantage of the already exceptional riding dynamic of the Dragster RR.

Some of the main technical upgrades include the introduction of a new countershaft, a redesigned primary drive, the new profile of the intake cams and redesigned valves. The gearbox is entirely new. The force required to actuate the shift lever has decreased and the gears engage more quickly for even more efficient and smoother action. There are changes to the exhaust manifold and silencers too, the latter protected by new shields in anodized and brushed aluminium.

In terms of acoustic comfort, the engine covers contribute to reducing the mechanical noise, at the same time providing adequate protection in the event of impact or a fall.


The three-cylinder electronics management through an integrated MVICS, developed by MV Agusta with proprietary technology, has perfected operating logic in order to achieve significant differential increases in terms of operating functionality and accuracy. The Ride By Wire system has been improved to the benefit of easy operation. The ECU algorithms and maps are brand new, specifically programmed for the new Dragster 800 RR. In addition to the three maps defined by the manufacturer, you can personalise another, changing parameters such as throttle response, the rev limiter, throttle sensitivity and the engine brake. The eight-setting traction control system has been updated, refining operation.


The new MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR is available in two graphics versions. This first has a glossy grey colour scheme matched with matt grey and fluo yellow. The second has a pearly white base alongside sections in matt anthracite grey and with fluorescent red inserts.

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MV Agusta updates F3 675 RC and F3 800 RC

Throughout MV Agusta’s history, racing bikes and production models have always been closely entwined. A fact highlighted by extraordinary successes, such as the outstanding results achieved by the Italian manufacturer in recent years in the World Superbike and Supersport championships.

Ever since the F3 was first conceived, engineers, designers and the racing department have worked as a compact team: the chassis, engine and electronics have been developed with the dual goal of winning on track and bringing the unique thrills of a race bike to the road.

With the RC range, MV Agusta once again highlights its aptitude for racing: the F3 675 RC and F3 800 RC have much in common with the bikes seen at national and international race events yet are also exhilarating road bikes. Further development has made the 2018 models Euro 4 compliant.

A variety of updates have been implemented to comply with the new standard, which requires a 50% cut in emissions and 48% less noise compared to Euro 3. On the styling front, new colours and graphics mirror those seen on the actual race bikes. With their red wheels – a direct Supersport offshoot – the 2018 F3 RC bikes are unmistakeable.


Despite the switch to Euro 4, the most striking parameter remains maximum power. The F3 675 RC touches 128 hp (94kW) at 14,500 rpm with 71 Nm (7.24 kgm) of torque at 10,900 rpm; the F3 800 reaches 148 hp (108kW) at 13,000 rpm with 88 Nm (8.97 kgm) of torque at 10,600 rpm. Some of the most significant technical redesigns on the 2018 models concern the balance shaft, the primary gearing, the intake cam profiles and the valves.

The gearbox has undergone a complete overhaul to make shifting easier and reduce clutch lever effort. Exhaust manifolds have also been redesigned, while the F3 RC silencer – supplied by SC Project – derives directly from the unit used by the Racing Department. As on the F3 675 and F3 800, the RC models introduce new engine covers. These enhance engine protection in the event of a collision or fall and reduce mechanical noise emissions. All without compromising that distinctive MV Agusta sound.


The F3 675 RC and 800 RC control platform, developed extensively through racing, is based on the MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System). Key developments on the 2018 models include improved Ride By Wire performance, now with personalised mappings. Parameters on the 8-level traction control have also been fully revised to enhance effectiveness and fluidity. Moreover, the EAS 2.0 electronic shifter has been optimised for smoother shifting.


A new frame mount point for the three-cylinder engine ensures increased overall rigidity, improving the already exceptional dynamic characteristics of the bike. The tubular steel trellis frame, closed off with aluminium alloy plates, is designed to offer maximum handling performance, as is evident from the wheelbase of just 1,380 mm, despite the long 576.5 mm single-sided swingarm.


Each of the 350 limited edition F3 RC bikes comes with a top-drawer kit that boosts bike performance even further, effectively making it identical to the race version in terms of equipment and appearance. In just a few simple steps, the kit can be used to transform the F3 RC road bike into a perfect track day machine. The titanium exhaust system, with carbon fiber silencer, is supplied by SC Project and comes complete with carbon fibre heel guard and aluminium silencer support brackets.

Also included in the kit is the electronic control unit with a dedicated mapping to maximise the increase in performance (133 hp at 14,570 rpm on the F3 675 RC and 153 Hp at 13,250 rpm on the F3 800 RC). The rear seat cowl (for singleseat use) adds a touch of eye-catching style, as do the machined from billet brake and clutch levers. The included rear sprocket is for race track gearing, while the rear stand and bike cover are for maintenance purposes. As proof of its uniqueness, each RC comes with its own certificate of origin.

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MV Agusta and Pirelli team up

After decades of collaboration, the brand with the long “P” was selected by the company from Schiranna as sole tyre supplier and, to celebrate this agreement, a dedicated version of the Brutale 800 RR was designed in a limited production that can be enhanced with exclusive coloured tyres.

The “Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI” was created by MV Agusta along with Pirelli Design, the Bicocca laboratory specialised in conceiving design projects in collaboration with partners par excellence and it will be on display in the MV Agusta stand at EICMA Varese, 3rd November 2017 – Pirelli and MV Agusta are pleased to announce that they have reached a new partnership agreement based on which Pirelli has been officially selected as Sole Tyre Supplier for all the motorcycles manufactured by the company from Schiranna. This means that all the models currently in production, as well as those that MV Agusta will sell in the future, will mount Pirelli tyres as standard equipment.

A vocation for excellence, strong roots in Italy and a sport and industrial heritage: MV Agusta and Pirelli have many characteristics in common. This agreement seals and makes official what has been a profitable and reciprocal collaboration for decades between these two Italian giants, popular all over the world and bound by common core values such as design and the “Made in Italy” brand, combined with a spirit of sports and maximum innovation that is acknowledged by all gearheads.

The increasingly close collaboration between the two companies merits celebration. And so, a limited production edition of a highly successful model was born – the Brutale 800 RR – customised by the Castiglioni.

Research Centre in collaboration with Pirelli Design, the Bicocca laboratory specialised in conceiving design projects with partners par excellence. The result of this synergy is the “Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI”, as this version of the naked from Varese is called, with truly exclusive equipment and components, manufactured in very limited production run. The technical base is made up of the Brutale 800 RR, the sport naked that sets the bar in the segment, thanks primarily to the performance of the compact, three-cylinder, in-line engine. The chassis architecture, built around the original, mixed-structure frame made up of a steel tube trellis and aluminium alloy lateral plates, is also essential to achieving the right riding feel and the dynamic exuberance that the Brutale 800 RR has provided since it was first launched.

The customisation of this model in a limited edition focused mainly on the components and colour schemes. For example, the saddle was custom created for the Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI and it stands out with its stitching that is coloured to match each of the two available colour schemes. The headlight unit bracket is painted black, as is the rear subframe. The airbox output grilles are also painted and the wheel rims also boast new features: to reduce weight and increase handling, the engineers decided to mount components derived from the F4, which are characterised by their racing design, very essential and elegant. The rear rim also has a wider channel, now 6 inches, to hold the new tyre size which is specific for this version of the Brutale 800 RR.

Obviously, the tyres also play a role of primary importance. Compared to the standard model that comes standard with DIABLO™ ROSSO III tyres, the Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI mounts DIABLO™ SUPERCORSA SP tyres in the 120/70 ZR17 front size and 200/55 ZR17 on the 6” rear rim made specifically for this model.

A rather spectacular option that can be chosen when you order your Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI is the limited edition tyre with coloured walls. The colour schemes conceived by specialists from the Castiglioni Research Centre and Pirelli Design are intended to enhance the lines of the Brutale 800 RR and to highlight the exclusive partnership with Pirelli.

The first proposal has a matt black base with glossy red painted inserts. the Pirelli logo is also done in red on the sides of the fuel tank. The DIABLO™ logo also appears to identify the range of high performance Pirelli tyres and it is placed on the fuel tank near the cap and the tank guard itself. The second colour scheme is on a grey base with Blue inserts.

Pirelli has already collaborated with MV Agusta in the past on customising a Brutale 800, as in the case of the “Diablo Brutale”, but always as a single, non commercialised unit. The “Brutale 800 RR PIRELLI”, on the other hand, is the the first MV Agusta model customised by Pirelli that will go into production and be sold in a limited edition, thanks to a separate license agreement between Pirelli and MV Agusta.