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This New Year is bringing in some changes

As we have grown we’ve not only outgrown the original plan but have also attracted the attention of other motorcycle media along the way – quite a complement for our little team. We had plans to develop the brand and had placed those on hold but with a bit of an external nudge we will be bringing you a whole new look from January 2019.

We will still have the website and magazine but will be bringing in a new look that links all of our communication channels. No longer will you have to jump between apps, browsers and the like for all the news and social media you’re looking for.

Along with this development we are aligning the magazine under the parent company name, 56’N. Anyone that’s looked at navigation or geography will know that 56’N (56 North) is the line of latitude that runs through central Scotland.

So from now on you’re going to see 56’N popping up everywhere focussing on bikes and bikers in Scotland and building a community for you all to interact with.
We do of course have to thank one of the bike magazines south of the border for giving us the final motivation to press ‘go’ on these plans.

Had they not had their lawyers give notice of their concerns of our name we might have left these plans on the shelf until next year and in retrospect that would have been late in the next riding season to make the move. We won’t go into the details of their dispute but here’s a quick thank you to them for the nudge.

You all have a good Christmas and New Year and we will see you all again in 2019 with more riding, more bikes, more news and a while lot more video production too!