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Two hours of supercharged madness

When Kawasaki do something different with their sportsbikes you can bet it will be far reaching and a bit radical. First it was the GPZ range in the 80’s that pioneered the modern sportsbikes. That grew into the ZZR range, the ZX’s evolved and here we have the pinnacle of engineering in the shape of the Ninja H2.

We’ll be honest and say that when the H2 was first launched back in 2014, we weren’t bit fans of the looks, frankly we thought it was ugly – at that time. Well the looks haven’t changed that much but somehow it has grown on us. The H2’s aggressive angular looks now make sense and that was before riding it.

We only had two hours to get to grips with the supercharged beast provided by Kirkaldy Kawasaki. Two hours isn’t a lot of time on a bike especially one as different as the H2 so we got down to business and decided that we’d have a blast along some dual carriageway and then hit the real roads around Fife before going back into Kirkaldy.

Any bike can go well in a straight line and on a main road so we weren’t expecting too much on the first part of the ride but boy were we wrong. The H2 just wants to pull, pull and keep on pulling. Going up through the gears is as quick are clicking your fingers and in seconds you’re in 6th, the supercharger is winding up and screaming – man that sound! Other road users should have to pay for the entertainment of the sound an H2 makes passing them. The only way you could make this bike feel quicker and sound better would be to strap rockets to each side of it!

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